Broken Promise: Gastro-Workers wont get full Wage Compensation

Since March, many in the catering industry a.k.a. "Gastro" have been struggling with massive wage losses. Therefore, many of us listened closely when on December 18, the parliament passed 100% short-time compensation for the low wages. The first pay slips now show that the reality is far from it. Hourly wage earners get a maximum of 81%, monthly wage earners a maximum of 92%.

When the Federal Council announced on December 18 that it would close the restaurants, there was great fear in the catering industry. It was clear that many of us would again receive only 80% of our already modest wages.

When the same day the parliament announced that all lost wages below 3470.- would be compensated at 100%, this was balm for the soul. Because this threshold was actually a clear signal to the Gastro-Workers, since it is exactly the minimum wage. Actually...

Because the adopted Covid-19 law (more precisely Art. 17a) provides for a 100% wage for the calculation. Part-time wages are therefore added up. So far so bad. So just the gastro workers, who work at the really low minimum wage, would have been entitled to 100%. No matter how little they work.

It gets even worse

The worst follows now in the implementation of this law. In the calculation form, wages are not only extrapolated to 100% but in addition also 13. monthly wage, vacation surcharges count.

Those who get paid on a monthly base receive a maximum of 92%, since "only" the 13th month's salary is included here. Those who get paid on an hourly base, receive maximally 81%, since vacation and vacation bonuses are added! Both calculations are based on the valid minimum wages in our industry, to which the law article refers explicitly. Which raises the question:

Are you actually shitting us?

80% are not enough by far

Already the "Gastro strike" of December 12 in Bern had demanded 100% short-time compensation up to a wage of 4000.-, the FAU Bern demanded 100% up to 4500.- CHF. Because since March we workers are fighting for financial survival. The wages are meager, the tips are completely lost in case of a closure. Most of us have to work several jobs and can hardly work 100%.

The poorest in the catering industry are the hardest hit

Workers who work for hourly wages are also mostly precariously employed: Insecure shifts, insecure income and zero-hour contracts or work on call are the order of the day. Many have never even seen any compensation. That this precariously employed group of all people gets MAXIMUM 1% more is cynical.

Parliament and offices have proven that they either have no idea about the catering industry, or that they don't care above good words.

Therefore also our demand remains: Short-time compensation in the full amount of the normally paid wage for everyone below the median wage. Finally, stop shitting us gastro workers!

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