Donation Campaign: Family Visits are not a Privilege!

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Donation for PCR tests - Support with

-30 francs one person
-240 Swiss francs a family with 2 children (above 16)

Many workers who earn poor wages are migrants. Many of them have family and friends abroad and rarely have the opportunity to visit them. The cost of mandatory PCR tests on entry and exit of switzerland is a major hurdle for many people on low incomes - especially during the Christmas season! Many will not be able to visit their loved ones abroad because the cost of PCR testing would be beyond the budget of many families.
Donate here because PCR testing should be accessible to all:

Account infos:

FAU Schweiz
Postfach 2368
3001 Bern

Post account: 30-276725-1
IBAN: CH25 0900 0000 3027 6725 1
Note: PCR-Tests for all!

Are you affected? Register here for support!

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