Migros Turkey: Union Members fired!

"Hello All,

We are Migros warehouse workers from Turkey, who have been forced to work for many years under a 16-hours-a-day arrangement without any occupational health and safety measures in place. Inhumane working conditions have been enforced by excessive levels of mobbing and several forms of oppression including sexual harassment.

We were put on unpaid leave on the grounds of nothing official but becoming union members under the unpaid leave regulations that were introduced at the onset of Covid-19 pandemic.

We have been made redundant under Code 29[¹], on the grounds of violating principles of good faith and ethical behaviour, on 50th day of our resistance against our employment contracts having been suspended, and the “unpaid leave” attack which resulted in removal of free access to healthcare services and transport, as well as free education for our kids.

We are resisting:

  • for the right to unionized and secure work.

  • against mobbing, harassment, and other forms of workplace oppression.

  • for having occupational health and safety measures in place.

  • for implementation of labour law.

  • against usurpation of labour rights since the start of the pandemic.


We all know that we will WIN!"

Assembly of Migros workers on resistance

[1] In Turkey, codes determine which benefits such as unemployment benefits or payoffs can be received. Code 29 is rather unusual, as it means that dismissed workers do not receive payoffs or unemployment benefits. It is extraordinarily often applied to women. Code 29 is therefore not only often sexist, but also anti-union in its application.



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