How is the FAU Switzerland structured?

From Syndicate to Federation

FAU Switzerland is active in the territory of Switzerland. It consists of  sector syndicates and regional/local syndicates. The formation of social sections (e.g. of the unemployed) or other specific groups such as a women's, inter, non-binary, trans group (in short: FINT) is also possible. One example for that is the Free Workers Youth FAJ ("Freie Arbeiter:innen Jugend")


The FAU Switzerland is organized in local syndicates and regions. The four regions are as follows:

  • Middle (MITTE): Bern, Solothurn, Basel, Wallis, Fribourg
  • Inner Switzerland (INNERSCHWEIZ): Luzern, Zug, Unterwalden, Schwyz, Uri, Tessin
  • ROMANDIE: french part
  • East (OST): Zürich, Aargau, Thurgau, St. Gallen, Graubünden, Appenzell, Glarus, Schaffhausen

Decisions and implementation

Decisions are made in plenary meetings by the grassroots. The decision-making power always lies with the organizational unit that is affected by the matter in question (syndicate, section or site group). To implement the decisions, imperative mandates are given or working groups are formed.

Act locally - organise globally

Local syndicates have full autonomy. But all local syndicates are also organized regionally and in the end, in the FAU Switzerland.  Internationally, FAU Switzerland is in regular contact with FAU Germany and other anarcho-syndicalist union federations.

Since the 1st of May 2020 FAU Switzerland is also part of Syndibasa, the Alliance of grassroots Unions in Switzerland