Privacy Policy

What data is collected by our host?

Basically, our host collects various data for monitoring the services and troubleshooting, stores them in raw logs and deletes them after 24 hours:

The raw logs contain the following information:

  • IP address of the accessing device
  • Date and time of access
  • URL accessed
  • Access status/HTTP status code
  • If available, the referrer (referring page)
  • Amount of data transferred during access
  • Browser identification (browser name and version)

What data is collected by FAU?

Only the data you give us. We don't want your data for its own sake and we don't sell it to third parties.

  • Member data (which you enter yourself)
  • Data that you give us through the contact form.
  • Data that you send us through the black chat form.

How is your data processed?

Contact form

The data will be "processed" by the chosen person in charge of the mails. They may decide to forward the mail to an appropriate internal office, if this makes sense. For example, the secretariat can forward the mail to a region, branch syndicate or working group.

Schwarzi Chatz

Your data will only be processed by members of the Schwarzi Chatz working group. The data will be kept for as long as your subscription lasts.

Membership application

Your data will be held centrally by our elected secretariat. Further, your data will be shared with eligible members or groups:

  • Your responsible Region
  • Your local syndicate
  • Your relevant branch syndicates

In the course of setting up one of these organisational units, your contact details may be passed on to a working group (so that you can be networked).

You will also be added to a newsletter (mail address only). We may use Mailchimp for this: